Idlers & Pullies

Idlers & Pullies

The best idlers and pullies to keep your conveyors up and running.

Our selection of quality idlers and pullies helps to eliminate downtime and optimize your material processing. We partner with industry-leading companies to provide our clients with the best products on the market.

Our Idler & Pulley Partners

Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI) is a provider of high-performance and innovative conveyor products and solutions. PPI has been providing quality conveyor components for over four decades.

Luff Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing quality conveyor components, including idlers with patented polymer endcaps and pulleys with an industry-leading rim thickness, to an international market for over 40 years.

With its three product brands, Rulmeca, Precismeca and Melco, Rulmeca Group is the world’s largest supplier of rollers/idlers, pulleys and motorized pulleys for heavy-duty belt conveyors for quarries and mining applications.